The stars are falling – which can only mean one thing. Your town is about to be invaded by demons! Unfortunately, the famed demon-slaying sword Kalthalax lies in the caves below, and all manner of dark and deadly fiends reside in those eldritch-haunted Nether Realms.

This is a time of trouble, an age where the wicked prosper in a land without much in the way of heroics. Sorcery is the art of devils and unspeakable horrors from beyond. Magic itself disintegrates the fragile walls of reality, allowing chaos-drawn wizards to openly mock the deities of order. At the epicenter of this vortex is a large village called Clear Meadows, known for its proximity to several stone circles and the Cimmerian Ruins where hideous rites were performed long ago. Thankfully, time has healed many wounds, and Clear Meadows is enjoying a renaissance, though this part of the realm has a dearth of accomplished warriors. The hearts of ordinary townsfolk are still tinged with dread, unfortunately. Those with the mettle to march out into danger carve out their destiny with blood, flesh, guts, entrails, and by the capricious whims of the inscrutable Outer Gods.

Saint Irig is regarded as Clear Meadows’ first champion. Irig defeated the demons with a baleful weapon of unknown origin… Kalthalax, the Demon Slayer! Irig never divulged the secret of its acquisition, although a few priests speculated that it was a gift from the Gods of Order. After his victory, the sword slowly turned his mind into a downward spiral of recurring nightmares. Fearing for the new found peace he had afforded Clear Meadows, Saint Irig (along with Kalthalax) descended into a nearby cave system never to be seen again.

Now, more than a century has gone by. The annual festival of Saint Irig coincides with the starfall – or meteor shower as the local wise woman calls it. And starfall always precipitates a sudden outbreak of evil, where monstrous fiends again roam the woods, stone circles, and ruins for days upon days of carnage. On the anniversary night itself, the demonic forces rise to wreck havoc on the village and surrounding areas. Several days before the coming of starfall, would-be heroes are selected (often against their wills) to enter these caves in an attempt to reacquire the Demon Slayer sword. He who enters the cave and returns with the sword of Saint Irig becomes the new champion of Clear Meadows – ready to face the demons on that fateful night.

You are part of the group being sent into the caves to retrieve Kalthalax.

Liberation of the Demon Slayer

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