The Panthenon

Gods of Order
Dathlaquatta – An elemental goddess of both air and water. She
embodies the virtues of law, order, and nature.

Shula – She is Goddess of the moon, both visible (Vrista) and in
shadow (Anu). Shula is wise, subdued, reserved, and influential

Gods of Chaos
Great K’tulu – A slimy and tentacled God whose malevolence is
only matched by the depravity of His worshipers. K’tulu adores
unbridled chaos and lusts after the horror which follows in its wake.
There is, however, a fraction of K’tulu worshipers who view Him
as a neutral being, balancing darkness and light… a God beyond
good and evil. This K’tulu appears as a liberator, most notably by
the Chartreuse Sect of Untenable Stars. They patiently wait for the
true Squid-God to awaken and remake the known universe.

Yogsoggoth – He is a Dark God of sorcery and secrets, favored by
the disenfranchised because He is actively opposed by the many
Gods of light and order.

Tsathag’kha – Those seeking power at any cost might worship the
hideous Toad God of saturnalia. He is also favored by amphibian
races who see him as a patriarchal deity.

Azyargoth – Little is known of this God, except for the insanity
of his followers.

Ulusek & Lokvaar – At one time, these twin Gods of mystery were
as one. Now, they are divided, opposed to the other’s ambition.

Tchort – The God of fire, indignation, and vengeance. He does not
suffer fools gladly, nor take light to blasphemy.

The Panthenon

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