The World - Razira

Razira is the name of the world you live in. Razira has two satellites orbiting around it. The first is close to the planet, visible, and named Vrista. The second is farther away, perpetually obscured, and called Anu or the shadow moon by those who know of it. Most of the religious influences are derived/based upon these two moons – one bringing forth light and one creeping in with shadow.

The Snake-Men were the first sentient beings to populate Razira. Before their arrival, the world held fantastical and monstrous flora and fauna. The Dark Gods spawned a massive and powerful race known as the Old Ones. For eons, the Old Ones ruled Razira in the name of the Dark Gods. The Snake-Men were dimensional travelers; beings of logic, reason, and science. They served the Dark Gods faithfully, learning their ways of sorcery and soon combined it with advanced mathematical formula discerned from their home world. This understanding allowed the Snake-Men to become masters of their destiny. They became more powerful than the Dark Gods they used to worship, and exiled them beyond the stars. The Snake-Men road atop the Old Ones like dragons; using them as beasts of burden and instruments of war, plundering various dimensions while enslaving hundreds of civilized races. But with growing power came an almost total annihilation of the Snake-men. In time, the Dark Gods returned… but with diminished power. Unable to spawn a new race of Old Ones, the Dark Gods settled for influencing the former slaves covering Razira. Infernal races such as Demons and Devils filled the void, teaching Elves their black art who then taught it to men.

Interesting Metals
Lyrthum is silvery in color, sharper, and lighter in weight than ordinary steel. Many believe it was first mined by Elves eons ago.

Those wielding a weapon made of Lyrthum are required to rely upon their dexterity rather than strength. Dexterity influences both the to-hit modifier and damage modifier. In addition, the keen edge of a weapon allows the thread range to be increased by 1 (so a thread range of 19-20 would become 18-20).

Armor made of Lyrthum provides almost no movement restrictions – it is light, airy and has properties to be magic resistant.

Infernal steel, zorv’lev, is much darker and heavier than ordinary steel. Heat resistant, too, as zorv’lev can only be forged in Hell’s Lake of Fire – a place where devil and demon souls coalesce, awaiting the night when they will again have form. The minimum strength for wielding a small or medium-sized weapon (such as a dagger or short sword) is 11. A strength rank of 13 is the minimum for larger weapons like a long sword, great axe, trident, etc. Those wielding weapons made of zorv’lev may triple their strength bonus for damage. However, due to its sheer weight, a maximum of one att ack per round is permitted when wielding a zorv’lev weapon.

The World - Razira

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